About us

Nasz Wilanów Real Estate Agency began its operations in 1992, and since then has continuously intermediated in the rental, purchase and sale of a variety of properties – including houses, apartments, offices and plots in Wilanów and its immediate vicinity.

We place particular emphasis on the quality of our services, ensuring that each property we offer is carefully viewed and subjected to technical and legal verification. Long experience allows us to know not only the offers, but also their history, taking into account both the advantages and possible disadvantages. Familiarity with property owners allows us to offer clients comprehensive knowledge of tenant care, flexibility and communication skills.

Our database of listings is not limited to our own resources. If necessary, we actively seek offers from other agencies as well. Thanks to long-standing professional relationships, we have managed to build valuable partnerships with other reputable real estate entities.

As an agency specializing mainly in Warsaw, specifically in areas such as Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów, Zawady and Konstancin, we are able to maintain our flexibility and individual approach to clients. This allows us to thoroughly understand each client’s expectations and needs, presenting the most suitable properties instead of wasting their time with irrelevant proposals.

Our experience includes working with clients from different parts of the world, which has allowed us to perfectly understand the specifics of expectations depending on origin. We treat each client with full commitment, kindness and understanding, adapting our approach to their individual needs and preferences.

Our team consists of the founder and current co-owners of the agency. All of us have been living and working in Wilanów for years, so we know the area perfectly, along with all the details of its development, and we are always up to date!

Not only do we present clients with properties, but also introduce them to the topography of the city. Thanks to our services, they will learn not only about the locations of schools and kindergartens, but also about recreational places for children, sports attractions, recommended cafes, restaurants, as well as services such as a laundry, a cobbler or a store with products from their country.

Visit us in our office located on Wilanów’s main street  /     Izabela Surosz-Wróblewska  license no. 5227   &   Urszula Dziedzic   &   Teofila Dziedzic  license no. 604